Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS) – 1 Year Follow Up

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS) – 1 Year Follow Up

Dan Bowen Tarsal Tunnel Update Personal Trainer Blog

Dan Bowen Hiking 1 Year After Tarsal Tunnel Release Surgery

Hey everyone! Just checking in after 1 year from having tarsal tunnel surgery (TTS).

Let me tell you – one of the best decisions that I ever made was having this surgery.  Life now with having my foot back is fantastic.  My pain level has really decreased over this past year. It did actually take the full year to recover. I had numbness leading up to month 11. Thankfully, once the one year came around, no more numbness.

When comparing my activity level prior to surgery, I have 100 percent on my life back. I am back hiking up mountains, lifting,  and squatting  with no problems. I am still a little weak in the ankle, but that will hopefully continue to strengthen with time and hard work. Once in a blue moon I feel a phantom pain in the foot. I just keep telling myself – it’s all in your head, Dan. Reflecting back, I am so glad that I did the surgery.  Before surgery, I could barely get around without stopping all of the time when my family and I would be out at the park or on hikes. But now they have a hard time keeping up with me 🙂

Going forward, I now have to consider on doing my other foot. It’s not as bad as my left  foot was, which had to be done. I’m giving myself another year to make my decision.  Don’t get me wrong the first few days of doing the first foot surgery sucked, but I plowed through them. I just tell people stay strong minded and you can get through anything.

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  • Hi there! Glad to hear your doing great. I too have it both feet from running. Would you say after a year you have no pain anymore ?

    • Hi Renee, sorry to hear you are going through the same thing. I am actually going through testing again as I am now 2 years post-op and experiencing the same symptoms. Tarsal tunnel is a tricky beast. Looking to see what additional Doctors have to say. Check back soon for an update on our findings.


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