Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS) – Days 5 – 15

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Day 5

Well, I finally got back to work after 4 days post OP. It was only a couple hours but it’s a start. I even went to the gym! I went slower than I normally do of course. I did sit down the whole time mostly when I was at the gym. I am missing deadlifts and squats! Even bench pressing with a barbell was causing a problem. Therefore, I did vertical pressing. That is when you are sitting down in an upright position and you press out in front of you instead of lying down. I was able to stand for TRX pushups. I also was able to do lat pull downs, and some shoulder work. My scooter was there and that was a big help with getting from point A to point B, instead of using crutches. They can be a pain. I used the scooter to prop my foot up on it and sit down. People may laugh at it but it was a huge help. Never judge!

I will be working out my other leg this week coming up. I always say to train the unaffected side. Always make sure you know what you’re doing, and that you do it right with proper form. If you need help doing this please contact me. I would love to share and show you how it can be done.

Week 1 Update

Hey guys. Let me tell you about my last couple days.  For starters I finally took a shower.  Amazing! Baths are not for me. My doctor said, “Dan, go for it.” However, I did have to wear that cast protector. No more baths for me . Like I told you before in my last blog, when I went to the gym I would try some single leg stuff. I am going to stay away from it just one more week I think. For now, I will just stick with upper body. I will try again next time. I finally went back to work full time training my clients. I was not sure how I was going to do but I made out great. My clients are awesome and they totally understood if I needed to sit for a bit and coach from there. It has been a great thing that I have a scooter there as it has been very helpful. If you do go ahead and get this surgery or any type of surgery requiring you to stay off your foot, be sure to get one.

Another great thing that the doctor gave me was a walking slipper. It’s a slipper that if I want to put load on my foot I can. I have been wearing it. However, I am walking on the balls of my feet but I’m walking without crutches or scooter. It’s a very slow walk.  But I’ll take it. Also it’s very hard to put my heel down to the floor. But I’m working on it. The doctor said to try as much movement as you can. Stay tuned on what’s next.

Week 2 Update

Hey guys. I am wrapping up the end of week two. Pain level is still up there but not as bad as last week. I gave in and took some pain medication. I find that nighttime is the worst for me. I am still having a hard time walking. Therefore, I am using the crutches and the scooter periodically still. I use the walking boot the doctor gave me throughout the day, but I find that the more I wear it, it causes more pain for me. What I do is I wear it for half of the day then I take it off. It feels a lot better when I do that. My foot still feels super tight, I can plantar flex (point toes down) but it’s hard for me to dorsi flex (point toes up). Hopefully I will be able to do that soon. I work every day at it. It is getting looser by the day.

Well today I thought I would be getting my stitches out but the doc wanted to leave them in for another week. Boooo. I do agree with him about leaving them in as he said he doesn’t want it open up, which of course neither do I. He did say now I can get it wet so that means no more shower cast protector and I can somewhat wash the area carefully. That’s a plus. Also I finally put on a shoe for the first time – which is fantastic – but without a sock. Feels better like that for me. I still can’t put a lot of pressure on the foot. I will try to walk without any crutches starting tomorrow (Wednesday). The more I do it it feels better but I do pay for it at night, it swells up and a little more pain than usual.

Another good thing is that I started to do lower body workouts. On my opposite leg of course. I can do single leg extensions on the machine in addition to single leg TRX squats. It’s a start! It will get better from here. Stay tuned!


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  • Anna Richards
    December 4, 2022 6:26 pm

    Hi, I don’t see a date for these posts so I’m not sure when you had your surgery. I’m week 3 post tarsal tunnel release surgery and it’s been difficult. I was just wondering how you’re doing and how your progress is going.

    • Hi Anna! My last surgery (2nd one) was in October 2021. While I have received relief – especially with the gastroc lengthening – I am still experiencing some pain. I hope to post a lengthy update this week. You are still pretty early out so try to rest and give it time. Check back!


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