Week 3 Update

Hey guys – Getting to end of week three and I feel great. Thursday was my first day without any crutches or scooter. I am done with them. I am wearing two shoes now. The shoe I am wearing is super loose and I cannot wear a sock with it. I have an ace bandage covering the stitches. The only thing I am dealing with is the stitches still because they rub against the sneaker. I can tolerate it for a little bit, but then I just put a sock on that foot and walk around my studio or house with one shoe on and one off.

End of week 3

Quick update! Ok guys my recovery is going very well. I had a wedding this past Saturday and I danced my ass off – but it was only for 10 minutes. But I did it! I even wore dress shoes. After being on my feet after awhile it did start to bother me, getting pains shooting up and numbness, but it was worth it. First week with no scooter and crutches. The gym life is going great. Starting to do exercises on my affected leg. No squats, dead lifts, or anything too heavy. Still sticking to machines such as leg extensions and leg curls. I can feel that I lost strength but guess what it will come back fairly quick. You just have to work for it. I know I will be back in no time. I haven’t been able to do any cardio lately, but I found that the rower works okay for me. I’m not that powerful on it but it helps doing something. I figured out how to push and pull the sled without loading the foot – which is fantastic. I use battle ropes and we have something at the studio called a SkiErg (an indoor skiing machine). It’s a great piece.

It feels like the next stage of this is the numbness and the bottom of my foot feels like walking on rocks. It’s not bad just a pain in the butt. I get to wear my regular shoe now. Throughout the day I take it off and put back on. For me it feels better. Still having a little trouble walking long distance and I find myself having to take some breaks.

I’m pretty happy so far with the recovery process. Like I said before, go in strong and a heavy mindset, you can do anything. Also, the stitches are out. Finally! It does feel better without them. I took the stairs for the first time. No problem doing them. My foot doesn’t feel as tight now that they are out. My Doctor did a great job stitching and the scar looks great


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